Steel Kiosque Units, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris: Effortlessly Fruitful

Recently held Paris Contemporary Art Fair has witnessed an unusual yet productive entity. For the first time there was a display of Steel Kiosque Unit created by famous French Designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec which is presently situated in Jardin des Tuileries. It was developed by Paris property developer Emerige. This brown chocolate steel container has unveiled in Paris Contemporary Art Fair which held between 22nd to 25th October. It was there till 5th November but soon will be donated to the city of Paris where the container will bring in use for various social and cultural tasks by taking it to different venues as it is a moving steel container unit. Bouroullec Brothers has taken three year for designing and styling the Steel Kiosque Units and three hours to make it movable.
Steel Kiosque Units is the of twin steel container standing side by side over a wheel. Whole structure goes by a single zigzag roof covers the two structure which are exactly the same. The appealing factor about the units which demonstrated before construction was the roof which was folded in two panel section in order to keep over the whole structure and move in a trailer. After the roof, both the structure have made in a same way. They consist of end wall from ceiling to floor. There is a 12 m wide glass door at the middle of both the boxes. Underneath there is steel panel which move to enfold the structure. The function of Kiosque Unit is to provide shelter and socializing place for visited people. There is also an arrangement for lanterns for the night time. The main material used for the construction is powder coated streel. Being the moveable unit it is, the journey doesn’t end here or it is limited merely to display piece, it will be utilized for other cultural and social tasks.
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