Gateway Arch, St. Louis, USA: Glorifying with Age

A historically significant structure has its own allure as it stands against the test of time. The current one i.e. Gateway Arch has the similar story. Gateway Arch popularly known as Gate to the West is gigantic monument situated in the banks of Mississippi river in St. Louis. Holding the record of Missouri’s tallest accessible building, it has been the highlight of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Designed by Eero Saarinen from Saarinen and Associates, the construction of Gateway Arch has started from 12 February, 1963 and completed in 28 October, 1965. But it opened for public 25 May, 1968.The design of Gateway Arch has came into picture due to nationwide competition held in 1947-48 for designing a monument dedicating to western pioneers. Eero Saarinen won the competition and provided his chosen design for the larger public viewing.
Gateway Arch is a huge arch closely shaped as inverted catenary. Whole arch is covered in stainless steel. The base of the arch is equilateral triangle with the 54 foot long sides. From the top of arch the height of triangle is only 17 feet from each side. It extends up to 60 feet inside the ground. Being the triangular in shape the height and width is 630 feet equilaterally. In the condition of high wind it oscillates up to 45 cm and in normal weather the oscillation goes up to only 5 cm. There is also the arrangement of lightning on arch for night viewing. At night it illuminates in rainbow colors. The access for visitors is from underground visitor centre with the facility of travelling towards the observation deck at top through tram which can accommodate 40 passengers which run within the arch. Thus, the Gateway Arch has been the centerpiece for public from very long time.
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