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Be it pioneering or passé design structural engineering leads to the optimum

Sixth Crossing, situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a bridge under construction which subsequently to accomplishment will be utilized as vehicles and Dubai’s metro carrier. The arch bridge on completion will be the world’s largest bridge of its kind, it spans over-all distance of 1,600 meters with longest extent of 667 meters and the width for the one is 64 meters whist it raises to height of 190 meters from the deck. The construction for the arch bridge also known as Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing was commenced in 2008 which is projected to be completed in 2015 and is being constructed at estimated cost of US$ 817 million.

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The bridge comprises of 12 lanes of which 2 will be occupied by metro lines and other for viable transportation as well as with 3 meters wide sidewalks for the amblers. The structure set 15 meters above the water level crossing Dubai Creek will be cohesive archetypal of architectural design and structural engineering. Structural Engineering Services Dubai and globally has made it feasible to achieve looked-for construction objectives with to the point well-being and safety. The design of the structure is stimulated with varied sources but then again it is built as an arch bridge to ensure safety and stalemate with the sandy surroundings.

Steel Construction Detailing is an India based company active since 4 decades offering engineering consultant services. We provide structural Rebar drawing service, Building Information Modeling, Framing Plan Services Dubai and globally. Our structural engineering includes rebar detailing, steel detailing, electrical drafting, structural 2d 3d design, structural engineering, structural building information model, structural cad drafting, steel fabrications drawings, AutoCAD structural detailing, Structural engineering services, Structural Engineering Services Dubai and various other allied facilities worldwide.

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                                                           Framing Plan Service

Steel Construction Detailing entails apt knowledge of engineering standards, innovative, creative, experienced and trained engineers to offer quality and precise services. Our team members study, research, explore and understand each aspect associated to the project, making a former discussion of the picked up task which is also carried on completion of the job to resolve any query and also to assist our clients. AutoCAD structural detailing, Building Information Modeling Facilities, Framing Plan Services Dubai and various other services provided by Steel Construction Detailing engineers entrusts to offers its clients with the finest service satisfaction. We put pure energies with our experience and trained engineers to render the finest services alike Rebar drawing service, Structural engineering services, Structural Engineering Services Dubai and globally.

Steel Construction Detailing offers its services both nationally and internationally. Feel free to contact us for any aid or assistance.

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