Precast Concrete– A Durable and cost Effective Construction Method

Stamp House, a prefabricatedconcretestructureis positioned in Queensland, a wonderland of Australia.The house in the stateis constructed with acreativegrouping of local and precast concrete; the building material has been wangled and shielded integrating a complete solar section roof to acquire a persistent cooler and calm ambient temperature all through the year. This building is created as a self-succor to endurethe cyclone and other atmosphere mishaps. Constructed on 73 acres of rainforest propertyconsists of 6 bedrooms and a central pool.

The house built on a small area of land in median of pond was constructed in the year 2013. Stamp House is an environmental friendly structure, Tekla Pre Cast Panel receiving its energy from solar powered panels eradicating usage of fuels for energy production and the other eco feature for the structure is its spread-out water system with competency to harvest 250,000 liters of water for the home-based usage and irrigation. It has massive cantilevers which with striking structural designalso prevents from water seeping in the house.

                                                                                                              Tekla Pre Cast Panel

Precast Concrete is a key component for the construction of the Stamp residence. Precast concrete also referred as prefabricated concrete has oodles of pluses, case in point;it offers vast creativenessupholding the toughness also is ecological and overcomes deadlines. The construction product is formed by molding concrete in refillable containers, which is preserved in regimented atmosphere and lastly transported to the assembling location. The principles are alike as reinforced concrete even so precast strategy is stress-free and easy to understand. Thecreationis durable, quality secure, enduring also offers immense array of designs, shapes, colorsand texture.

Precast concrete has its returns with assistance of precast engineers primarily, can accomplish the desire project seamlessly. Structural engineers and architectures involvement is essential and their knowledge ofsoftware alike Tekla Pre Cast Panel minimizes design error reducing cost and time as wellattains higher accuracy in detailing and fabrication of design.

structural engg service
                                                                                                                    Structural Engineering Services

Steel Construction Detailing, a global structure steel detailing and Structural Engineering Services India provider is active since last four decades. Here, our team members offer services with proficiency, innovation and zest. Here, our tem perceptively works on cad software like AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla which is also utilized for Tekla Pre Cast Panel. Steel Construction Detailing entrusts to offer the finest service satisfaction to its clients, with completion of work in specified time also assisting them to solve their queries.

Steel Construction Detailing render services both nationally and internationally. Feel free to contact us for any aid or assistance.


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