Shop Drawing Services in Canada, Rebar Detailing Services in Canada

Shop drawings have turn into an essential piece of each building development venture. Shop drawings give amazingly important information about measures and determinations of pre-assembled segments to foremen, land designers, helping them get greatest advantages in their business. Shop drawings can anticipate how the building structure is going to perform at the early period of construction. With information offered by shop drawings, engineers and developers receive the best development systems. To keep away from future design clash and extreme changes, designers and architects survey shop drawings, Precast Engineering Services, Shop drawings affirm that builders, makes and suppliers have comprehended the design intent.

Shop Drawing Service are for :-

  • Structural Steel .

  • Sheet Metal .

  • Ladder .

  • CAD shop drawings .

  • Casework Shop Drawings .

  • Curtain Wall Shop Drawings .

  • Construction Shop Drawings .

  • Elevators .

  • AutoCAD Shop Drawings .

  • Trusses .

  • Precast .

  • Concrete .

  • Woodwork / Cabinetry.

  • Pipe Spool Drawings .

  • Metal Stud Shop Drawings .

  • Cabinets .

  • HVAC & MEP units .

  • Windows .

  • Rebar Reinforced Panels .

  • Millworks .

  • Steel Joist and Girder.

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                                                                                                     Rebar Detailing Service

Rebar specifying is the plan of the fortifying steel in the solid structure it demonstrates the points of interest of the shape, size, number or dividing of bars in any rcc structre diverse segments of the structure is taken and the course of action of the fortification is demonstrated in it.


  • Rebar Shop Drawings .

  • Bar Bending Schedules .

  • Rebar Pre-bid Estimating .

  • Concrete Masonry Detailing .

  • Rebar Junction Coordination Drawings .

  • Retaining Walls Detailing .

  • Rebar Foundations Detailing .

  • High quality detailing suiting to the needs of fabricator and places.

  • Drawings and rebar lists for beams, slabs, columns, walls, foundations or other special structures.

  • Precast Rebar Detailing:

  • Preparation of basic layout drawing.

  • Conversion of in-situ design to precast design.

  • Preparing connection details according to the manufacture .or precast factory standards. .

  • Preparation of typical section, elevation and detailed drawings.

  • Preparation of Shop drawings and rebar detailed drawings.

  • As-Built drawings .

  • International Standards and Codes:

  • ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) .

  • ACI (American Concrete Institute) .

  • CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute) .

  • AS (Australian Standards) .

  • BS (British Standards).

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                                                                                          Rebar Detailing Service

We, Steel Structural Detailing are an outstanding company who are offering all kind of cad structural engineering services, Shop drawing services in canada, rebar detailing services in canada all over the world. We have got excellent team for the help you need for your any of the structural shop drawing services in canada & rebar detailing services in canada. We offer our services all over the world with a great support for 24*7.


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