Willis Tower, Chicago, USA: Studded with Great Boost

To best in something is always the matter of pride so what if that tale belong to yesteryear. Same is the scenario of Willis Tower which used to be known as Sears Tower but still embracement of current name the title Sear Tower never wipe out from people’s mind. The Willis Tower has exceeded World Trade Centre in terms of being tallest building in the world. It held in this position for 25 years. Later on this position passed to Petronas Tower. Situated in 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606, the construction of Willis Tower has started from 1970 and completed in 1972. The architectural design has given by Bruce Graham of leading architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Its name has changed to Willis in 2009 by Willis Group who has their lease for the part of this tower.

Willis Tower is 108 story, 1,451 foot commercial skyscraper with observation deck which sees more than one million visitor every year. The location provides an exceptionally clear view of West Loop from the tower. It is consist of steel columns and beams which are fitted in this mega module system. In this attractive tower there are 160 car executive parking garage available from Franklin Street, Broadcast platform, conference centre, fitness centre and some really technologically advanced features. The biggest tourist attraction i.e. sky deck is designed as a glass box which made from retractable glasses. The sky deck can extend up to 4 feet from 103rd floor. The visitors can experience swaying of building in windy atmosphere. The Willis Tower contain 2 antennas with Tuned Liquid Dampener which prevent the swaying from wind. The East antenna and West antenna measures 253′ and 283′ respectively with the base of 12′ diameter. These antennas have the lightning facilities which blink at the day of special occasion and airplane warning. The color of light changes as per the occasion. Studded with advanced technology and some unique features , Willis Tower is held high in Chicago SKYLINE.
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